Best Casinos in Cape Town

If you want to place a bet or two while you are in Cape Town then there is more than one casino to choose from. In fact, Cape Town is home to five casinos that offer you thousands of slot machines and gaming tables to choose from.

The GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World is the largest casino in Cape Town. With a total of around 120,000 square feet of space, there are more than 2563 slots and tables to keep you busy. The casino offers plenty in the way of fun and you can make a night of it too, thanks to the 13 restaurants. Located on the Townsend Estate, the casino is very popular both with locals and tourists.

Choices of games include poker and roulette, so no matter what your choice, there is something for you. The casinos are a great place for a night out and you can be sure that you will have a good time.

Cape Town’s second largest casino is the Silversea Cloud Casino where there is a small number of gaming machines and tables. You do have the option of accommodation at some of the casinos in Cape Town but it is better to arrange this in advance. The same applies if you want to eat in one of the restaurants. The GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World might have 13 restaurants but it does get very busy, so it is recommended that you reserve a table in advance.

You also need to check in advance to find out what age limits the casino has in place. Those on a family holiday may find that they are not able to take the kids in with them, particularly to the gaming sections of the casino. You should also check on minimum and maximum bet amounts too.

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